It’s just another day, or so we think…

No-one ever anticipates their whole world can be dramatically changed within a split second of time – a road traffic accident, a stroke, a brain haemorrhage, advanced Parkinson’s, or deteriorating dementia could render you unable to communicate and unable to make decisions for yourself. 

As is so frequently the situation, individuals and families are faced with such life changing circumstances at a time they are least able to cope as a consequence of both the physical and emotional turmoil.

As a general rule we take our ability to communicate for granted. In my experience clients don’t give it a second thought.  

In the absence of failing to appoint an Attorney as someone who can deal with your Finances & Property and Health & Welfare, no-one will have authority to speak on your behalf.  

Many clients come into our offices in crisis – unable to access bank accounts, savings and investments, unable to make a decision regarding health and medical affairs regarding treatments or where the care their loved one’s needs can be provided. Instances where people are being cared for in a residential setting but wish to return home and are prevented because they don’t have an appointed Health & Welfare Attorney; hospital discharges being prevented all because the person has not appointed someone to speak or act on their behalf. Who would you want to make such decisions – your family or friends who know you best or strangers within the NHS or social services?

In the absence of appointing an Attorney (LPA) ‘Best Interest’ decisions will be made on your behalf by people you may never have met and do not know your likes and preferences.

This is your life, your health, your finances, your property and affairs, why would you leave this to chance? Once you have lost your ability to make such decisions the only legal option would be to make an application to the Court of Protection for a Deputyship Order. This could take anything up to 6 months and cost considerably more than the preparation of a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). 

Don’t leave it to chance – come and speak with myself or our team of specialists who can help and guide you to ensure you are protected.