In need of care?

Our lives during and after COVID-19 will inevitably change. Perhaps the emphasis upon our health and wellbeing has been brought into focus – certainly for those who have been critically affected and those who have been shielding or resident in a care home. Government restrictions have meant you have been unable to see loved ones. Usual visits from family and friends have not been permitted. This has meant for many, this period has been incredibly lonely and frightening. 

I spend much of my working life either visiting or advising clients at various stages of their care journey and in a variety of settings. For the majority, home is where most clients wish to remain. Depending on the gravity of the illness, this is not always a feasible option – or so you may be led to believe. I have personally set up and arranged a number of care packages at home for clients with families and for those individuals who have appointed me as their Attorney because they have family or friends who would be able to help in their hour of need. 

I have managed and assisted clients to make the decisions as to what the best option for them might be and then facilitated the practical steps to make it happen. 

The main options at present are part time or full-time live-in care at home; residential home placement or nursing home placement. Sometimes there can be a mixture of all three elements such as day time visits with full time night care, or just a few nights per week. It may be you only require a few days or a few hours per week but like the idea of a week’s respite into a residential home a few times a year. If you choose to have live in care you will need to have a second bedroom and area for the carer to sleep and relax plus of course internet access is critical in terms of contact. As with everything in life, if you are not aware of what is possible it is difficult to make those decisions. This is my area of expertise and I can help you weave through not only the various options but also advise on how to pay for such care. Knowing my way around the NHS and Social Services funding streams means I can guide and support you throughout your journey. 

If only to provide you with one piece of advice, please start thinking about what you may consider as acceptable should you become ill and in need of care – make sure you have prepared your Lasting Powers of Attorney for your Health and Welfare; write some notes and make sure your loved ones and Attorneys are aware of your wishes and desires. I can if you need, act as your Health and Welfare Attorney so please contact our office and speak with me. There’s always a way and remember, nothing is permanent. Choosing one option and realising you don’t like it – can be changed, moved or rearranged.