Appointing an Attorney for Health, Welfare and Property & Finance

It is at last possible to not only see your loved one in a care home, but they are also allowed to enjoy some fresh air outside, as of the revised guidance on 4th May 2021. 

For many, this has been an incredibly harrowing experience – not seeing or being able to check on your nearest and dearest has not only resulted in distress for the resident but also for the families. When finally being able to physically visit, the impact upon both has been extremely emotional.

None of this could have been foreseen or anticipated and whilst the respective care homes have worked hard to minimise such effects, it will have taken its toll in ways which could have repercussions for many months to come. 

For those that may have read any of my previous articles, planning ahead is absolutely key to ensuring your wishes are not only detailed but, that you have assurances they will be put into action. 

A recent case involved a client who had visited and planned with me exactly how he wished to be cared for in his home setting. From my respective getting to know the person whilst they are in good health is always a tremendous advantage when being asked to act as a Professional Attorney. Understanding the person’s life, preferences and health issues are paramount to be able to make decisions as and when the time comes to do so. 

My client was suddenly taken ill and found to have an inoperable condition and face just weeks to live. As his Health and Welfare and Financial Attorney I was able to respond to the Doctors call from the hospital to confirm his wish to die at home. Dealing with hospital discharge, setting up the home with the NHS equipment of a hospital bed, hoist, commode and arrangements to employ a 24 hour live in carer were actioned with immediate effect – 6 days following that phone call my client returned to the comfort of his home with everything to hand to support the transition. 

Ongoing dialogues with the health professionals, guidance and support with the live-in care agency were all handled on a daily basis. Contacting family members, arranging payments for the services – grocery shopping and dealing with household bills were all part of the service I was able to provide.

Within just a few weeks and with the utmost dignity, my client passed away in the comfort of his home surrounded with the love and care of some incredibly special carers together with his family. 

I always consider my role as an Attorney a privileged position – entrusting someone’s life is not only brave but especially fulfilling – my job satisfaction is second to none! 

My word of caution – don’t leave it until you become too ill to think about the “what if” scenarios. Call me to chat through the options and ensure your future is protected.