Continuing Healthcare Assessments re-introduced from 1st September 2020

Continuing healthcare assessments re-introduced from 1st September 2020

Since March 2020 and the restrictions placed upon organisations and professionals, both financial and CHC assessments have been halted. Where a patient has been diagnosed with a life-threatening condition a Fast Track CHC assessment can be conducted which provides immediate decisions and enables funding to be put into place at short notice. In general, all patients requiring assessments between March and September 2020 have been delayed. Where patients have been discharged from hospital and required onward care such placements have been funded through COVID monies.

As at the 1st September new guidance has been issued by the Department of Health in which the Re-introduction of NHS Continuing Healthcare (NHS CHC) published on the 21 august 2020 – these assessments have been recommenced. 

For all patients discharged from hospital and who require additional care and support on discharge, the provisions under the Hospital Discharge Service: Policy and Operating Model published on the 21st August 2020 and those requiring onward care will be assessed under ‘discharge to assess’ provisions. Under the provisions of this scheme, additional costs of post-discharge recovery and support services will be funded until the person’s long-term care needs are assessed, or for up to the first six weeks if the assessment is not completed by that time. In the event that a decision is not reached within the timeframe the parties paying for the care i.e. NHS or Local Authority, should continue to do so until the relevant ongoing care assessments are complete.

What this means is that care received within the 6 week period following discharge from hospital will be provided free of charge to allow for discharge recover and support services and any assessment of ongoing care needs and financial eligibility determinations to be paid. In the event such eligibility decisions are not completed the respective organisations will still have an obligation to continue to fund such a placement until the eligibility decision is concluded. 

Unfortunately, there is no one manual that provides you with all the information as to which avenue or funding stream you may be entitled. Our Anne Reed has a wealth of experience and works across the whole of the UK supporting families and clients through both the funding and care planning maze. Seeking professional advice could save not only time and expense but also alleviate the stress and emotional impact upon yourself and family and friends. 

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