Best laid plans…

Would you ever think of asking the question as to where you would wish to receive care, should the need arise? It’s certainly not a topic of choice unless or until you are faced with circumstance in which you may require such care. 

Perhaps its best not to think of the worst or even spend time thinking about “what if”, but in my daily work such conversations and circumstances can be incredibly distressing and frequently not easily addressed.

I would urge you to perhaps think of it in general terms and know the parameters to which you would be happy to agree, either in the circumstance that you can make that decision yourself or your Attorneys are informed and aware and, who can act upon your wishes. 

Whilst you may appreciate the importance of making a Will, this only becomes effective after your passing – it is equally important to spend some time thinking of what you may need or choose, in regards to such arrangements for care you may require during your lifetime. There are a number of variations but the main 3 choices include, receiving care in your own home, a residential home or a nursing home. Choosing a residential or nursing home means you should go and look around prospective homes. Call in and check out the reception you receive. Most importantly what sort of “feeling” you get when you enter the home. Each home is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) – go online and check out their rating – read their reviews. All these are good indicators as to whether it may be a place you would feel comfortable to receive care. 

If you opt to remain in your own home this does require a little more planning as you need to ensure you can accommodate a carer should they live in and support you. Domiciliary care can come into your home for a number of visits throughout the day. Again, speaking with and researching live in care options or domiciliary agencies should be something you explore. The main problem I witness for clients and families is that care is often needed at a time of crisis. Individuals are unaware of the services and options which are available and the choice of venue can be limited due to the demand for such services. 

Knowing where you would like to receive your care gives you an opportunity to think it through whilst you are well. Sharing this information and intentions with your loved one and Attorney appointed through your Health & Welfare Lasting Power can save hours of anguish and provide you with peace of mind. 

Of course, we always hope that such circumstances will not arise but in the event they do, at least forewarned is forearmed. Sometimes even best laid plans don’t always materialise or the circumstances change, rest assured I can help you and your loved ones at varying stages of the journey. This may be just that I can help with signposting appropriate services or it could be that I help you set up a package of care. Whatever the circumstance, there is always a solution.